In his book “Chronique du Golf Club de Genève”, the former President of the Club Pierre Turrettini, traces the history of our Club which feeds the thread of this page of our website.

On November 29, 1922, a group of Genevans, led by Edouard Weber, Director of Interests of Geneva, founded our Club. After various research, the Onex site, close to the tram line, was chosen. The course and clubhouse are modest.


From the outset, the Club has included members from the great Geneva families such as the Barbey, Cramer, Darier, Turrettini and Odier, but also representatives of the international community such as Sir Eric Drummond, Secretary General of the League of Nations (SDN) or the 'Aga Khan.

At the dawn of the Second World War, the Golf Club de Genève had 215 active members and 214 passive members. A few figures put this already distant era of pioneers into perspective. The price of the lessons is CHF 3.50 per half hour and the price of the dinner of the General Assembly of May 11, 1939 is CHF 3.50, wine and coffee not included of course...As for the caddies, the price is CHF 1.80 for 18 holes!


With its 100th anniversary celebrated in 2022, the Golf Club de Genève is one of the oldest clubs in the country. As we can see by scrolling through the events at the Geneva Golf Club, its history is rich in significant events, whether on a sporting, social or gastronomic level. Our Club has survived the years, reinvented itself, developed and modernized.

Today, he faces several challenges. Sustainability is more relevant than ever and our Club regularly takes steps in its favor, such as the installation of photovoltaic panels this winter 2023-2024 which will allow it to cover a third of its annual electricity consumption.


After achieving a historic treble, our Club is keen to continue to distinguish itself on the national and international scene. Our amateurs will be keen to repeat their performances while our Performance Center, created in 2023, has the particular mission of training the next generation of our Club. Our standard bearer Albane Valenzuela has made his place on the European and American circuits. Caroline Sturdza, her brother Maximilien and Filippo Serra intend to follow in his footsteps.

Finally, even if our Club continues to arouse marked interest among candidate members, many of whom are waiting for their place, it will be a question for our Club of continuing to remain attractive on a sporting level with a course constantly taken care of in details, culinary with restaurants constantly reinventing themselves while using regional products, and finally social with habits that evolve and an attachment to the club that must be maintained.